School Board Constitution

Catholic school boards are a key expression of the importance of partnerships, in particular parent participation, within Catholic school communities and provide invaluable support to principals in administration, policy issues and management of educational change.

Catholic schools in Queensland have established boards with varying responsibilities. In most Religious Institute schools they are boards of management and act as the governing body of the school, while a small number are consultative/advisory. However, the majority of Catholic schools in Queensland operate under a Catholic school authority of a diocese. Voluntarily, these schools have established consultative/advisory boards with the encouragement of their authority. These boards function within the provisions of a constitution approved by the Catholic school authority. The constitution of a local school board is designed to address the particular needs of the school.

To assist Catholic school authorities and Catholic schools to develop such a constitution, the Queensland Catholic Education Commission has produced a document titled Model Constitution and Commentary for Catholic Education Boards in Queensland – A Resource for Board Formation and Function. The Bishops of Queensland have formally approved this document for use by schools and school authorities.

This document is provided above as a reference for this purpose. Catholic school authorities and others wishing to access an electronic version of the document that can be amended to suit their purposes are asked to contact Caron Reid (email:

The QCEC has approved the following amendments and updates to the Model Constitution. These should be read with the above document.

Amendments and Updates