Catholic Schools – Partners in Queensland’s Future

As the Queensland state election on 25 November 2017 approaches, there are important issues facing Catholic schools.

Catholic schools provide a high quality, affordable education choice for Queensland families.  Our schools work in partnership with government to ensure students achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

To find out more about Catholic schools in Queensland watch our video.

Some of the key priorities for Catholic schools in this election are:

  • Funding for teaching and learning
  • Building new schools
  • Improving access to kindergarten
  • Continuing the professional development of staff.

Find out more about the key issues facing Queensland Catholic schools in Queensland Election 2017 – Priorities in Catholic Education

Recurrent funding

Recurrent funding 2016 graphCatholic schools in Queensland receive funding to pay for teaching and learning costs from a number of sources. The main funding sources for Catholic schools are the Australian Government, parents and community, and the Queensland Government. In 2016 Catholic schools received, on average, just under 85 per cent of the total average government annual funding per student received by government schools.

Catholic schools need the continued support of all political parties through a commitment to increasing combined recurrent and targeted program funding at least in line with Consumer Price Index rises and in a way that reflects growth in enrolments and changes in need.


 Capital funding

47,500 more students over the next 20 yearsOver the next 20 years the number of students in Catholic schools is expected to grow by nearly 50,000.  That means planning now for the development of new schools in high growth areas as well as the expansion of many existing schools.

From 2018-2021 the Catholic sector expects to start work on 12 new schools and continue construction of 29 part-built projects.

To ensure this building can take place, the Catholic sector needs politicians to commit to continuing the Capital Assistance Supplementary Scheme which has provided extra support to help the sector meet growing demand and alleviate pressure on other sectors.





Moving towards universal access to kindergartenCatholic kindergartens are welcoming early childhood learning environments where all children and families are respected for their diverse history, culture, language and traditions.

Currently there are 25 Catholic kindergartens in Queensland but to ensure the best start for all our youngest learners and improve access to kindergarten we need more schools to be able to include a kindergarten on their campuses.

Working in partnership with government, the Catholic sector hopes to build up to 40 new kindergartens over the next four years as we move towards universal access to kindergarten learning.





Teacher Capability Program

Building teacher capabilitySince 2013 Catholic schools have benefited from locally based projects to assist the professional development of staff through the Teacher Capability Program.

Over four years, almost 16,000 staff have participated in programs aimed at improving skills, better understanding student learning needs and developing the leaders of tomorrow’s schools.

Outcomes from this program include:

  • improved student learning and engagement
  • improved NAPLAN results
  • increased student achievement on A-E reporting.

Funding for this vital program needs to be maintained so our schools can continue to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

Find out more about the Teacher Capability Program here.