Corporate Services

In Queensland there are 22 employing authorities comprising five diocesan Catholic education offices and 17 authorities which are Public Juridic Persons (PJP’s).  These PJP’s include Religious Institutes, established by virtue of Canon Law and others which are erected by competent Canonical authority. Each of these employing authorities is directly responsible for the employment of staff within the particular organisation they represent.

The Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) supports Catholic employing authorities by facilitating collaboration on employment related matters through the work of the Industrial Relations Committee and the Employers’ Implementation and Planning Subcommittee.

During collective bargaining negotiations QCEC supports employing authorities by locating an employing authority sponsored negotiating team at QCEC for the duration of negotiations.

Employment at QCEC

The Queensland Catholic Education Commission offers employment within the Secretariat of the Commission in either the executive officer or administration support staff areas. From time to time vacancies occur within the Secretariat and these will be advertised on the QCEC website.

The QCEC Secretariat provides professional, secretarial and other support services to the Commission and professional secretarial support to all committees of the Commission. The Executive Director is responsible for the management of the Secretariat.

The Secretariat manages the day-to-day operations of the Commission, and works collaboratively with the Commission’s Committees to support, coordinate and advance Catholic education in Queensland. This is achieved by working collaboratively and effectively with the Leaders of Religious Institutes and the five Diocesan authorities who are the providers of Catholic education.

The Executive Director of QCEC is responsible for the recruitment and appointment of staff who work within the Secretariat. There is a variety of positions which range across administration support staff, executive officers and leadership roles.

All vacancies are advertised in this section of the website as well as across the employing authorities.