A – E reporting

To fulfil the legislative requirements of the Australian Education Act and Regulation 2013 schools must report to parents on student achievement and progress at least twice a year using a five point scale. Teachers use standards and social moderation processes to describe how well a student has demonstrated their learning based on a collection of evidence.

Achievement standards

The Australian Curriculum sets out what all young people should be taught through the specification of curriculum content and the learning expected at points in their schooling through the specification of achievement standards.

An achievement standard describes the quality of learning (the depth of understanding, extent of knowledge and sophistication of skill) expected of students at points in their schooling.

My School website

In 2009 Australian education ministers committed to the publication of school information.  The My School website  is developed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) a Ministerial Statutory authority.

My School provides parents and the community with information about a school’s context, achievement in NAPLAN, and school finances.

For more information: QCEC Factsheet – My School website

Annual School Report

All Queensland schools are required to publish annually a minimum set of information for parents and the  community.  The Annual Reporting Policy for all Queensland Schools incorporates both the Queensland Government and Australian Government annual reporting requirements for schools. To view a specific school’s annual report visit the school website.

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