Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is inclusive of children from birth to eight years. QCEC’s Position Statement for Early Childhood Education (2015) provides Catholic authorities with direction in the development of services, policies and programs. The document acknowledges the quality of children’s early experiences – cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual has a profound impact on their future health, development, learning and wellbeing.

QCEC Central Governing Body

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has approved QCEC as a Central Governing Body (CGB) for the delivery of kindergarten services. QCEC CGB administers Queensland Government funding through four delegated Catholic agencies that support the provision of quality and inclusive early childhood education programs.

QCEC CGB membership

After a kindergarten has been approved by the DET as a Kindergarten Program Provider it must be a member of a CGB to receive government funding. The QCEC CGB membership application form, completed by an authorised delegated Catholic agency representative, is submitted to QCEC on behalf of the kindergarten service.

Kindergartens seeking membership of QCEC CGB that are not located on a Catholic school/parish site need to contact directly the relevant delegated Catholic agency. The Catholic agency may choose to negotiate a Service Agreement with the kindergarten service.

A QCEC CGB Membership Certificate will be issued when an application is approved by the QCEC Executive Director.

QCEC CGB Membership Application Form

Early childhood education program

The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) provides support for early years educators in the implementation of effective early childhood programs.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has developed the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline to align with the Early Years Learning Framework. The Guideline provides early years teachers with advice for interacting with children, planning, monitoring and assessing, and sharing information in kindergarten contexts.

Early childhood spiritual development

In 2010 the QCEC in collaboration with Dr Jan Grajczonek (ACU) developed a Framework for Early Years Spiritual Development in the Catholic Tradition that early childhood education and care services may use with the approval of the relevant Bishop. The Framework defines spirituality and explores practical ways to nurture young children’s spiritual and religious development.

Spiritual Development and Religious Education in the Early Years: A review of the literature  


Early entry to Prep

The following documents provide guidance on the provisions for early entry to the Prep year:

Early entry to Prep – Framework overview

Early entry to Prep Queensland 2017 Framework

Early entry to Prep – Guidelines for Principals

Early entry to Prep – Considerations and application process

Early entry to Prep FAQs