RI Education Adjustment Program

The Education Adjustment Program (EAP) is a process for identifying and responding to the educational needs of students with disabilities. Adjustments are made for students with disabilities to enable them to access the curriculum, achieve curriculum outcomes and participate in school life.

The EAP process initiates an ongoing cycle of documented data collection, planning, program development, intervention, EAP Profiles, evaluation and review.

The EAP supports schools to:

  • identify students (from Prep – Year 12) who meet criteria for the EAP disability categories
  • report the education adjustments they are making to meet the teaching and learning needs of these students.

There are three components of EAP:

  • verification
  • the EAP Profile
  • validation for students in the areas of Vision Impairment and/or Physical Impairment.

The EAP documents for use by RI schools are as follows:

  1. RI EAP Handbook (March 2014)
  2. EAP 1 – Consent Form
  3. EAP 3-ASD
  4. EAP-5-ID
  5. EAP-7-SLI
  6. EAP-9-SED
  7. EAP 9 – SED Prompts for Criterion 2 (page 28)
  8. Supporting Resource: Embracing Diversity – Responding to Learning Differences