Animals in Education

The Queensland Schools Animal Ethics Committee (QSAEC) established by State Schools Queensland (SSQ), Queensland Catholic Education Commission(QCEC) and the Association of Independent Schools of Queensland (ISQ) assists Queensland schools to meet their legal obligations under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 and to comply with the Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes – 8th Edition 2004.

To ensure that schools comply with the legislation, the QSAEC:

  • approves guidelines, including standard operating procedures, for the care and scientific use of animals in schools
  • reviews applications and approves only those proposed activities that are ethically acceptable and conform to the requirements of the Code
  • conducts follow-up review of approved activities
  • monitors the care and use of animals, including housing conditions, practices and procedures involved in the care of animals in facilities, and allows the continuation of approval for only those that conform to the requirements of the Code
  • takes appropriate actions regarding unexpected adverse events
  • takes appropriate actions regarding non-compliance

Visit the DET website for QSAEC (including calendar and meeting dates).

The three Queensland education sectors (SSQ, QCEC and ISQ) work together to establish consistent and quality
practices for the use of animals in Queensland schools and set clear boundaries regarding reporting, approval and compliance.

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