Vocational Education

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools Grant Funding Allocation is administered and distributed to Catholic dioceses and schools via QCEC. The purpose of this funding is to set out operational targets and activities which assist Catholic schools to align their VET in Schools activity to the Department of Education Training and Employment’s (DETE) VET Investment Plan including addressing industry needs, skill shortages and managing the implementation of the new VET Funding Framework. Funding is disbursed from QCEC for:

  • Supporting schools to respond to industry needs through VET delivery as it aligns to the VET Investment Plan
  • Increasing participation in School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships or other trades related vocational courses targeted to industry priorities
  • Supporting schools in the transition to the VETiS Funding Framework
  • Developing strategies to maintain quality standards in VET in Schools including professional development.
  • Increasing participation in, and access to, VET in Schools within rural and remote areas and for educationally
    disadvantaged students including Indigenous students and students with a disability.

The QCEC secretariat also provides general services and advice to schools and school authorities on issues related to VET.


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