VET Forms

Education, Training and Employment Schedule

The latest version of the ETES form (ATF-023) is available on the DET website in pdf and Word format.

Completed ETES application forms for Queensland based employers are no longer required to be sent to QCEC. Funding ($350 per traineeship or apprenticeship) will instead be distributed based on the Department’s register of training agreements.  This will help streamline the administration of the program.  The register will be checked and payments processed twice a term.  Late registration of training agreements will not impact the eligibility for this funding – these will be paid in the next cycle.

For training contracts where the place of employment is in New South Wales (this may occur for schools adjacent to the border) please send the completed ETES form to

Schools will still be required to ensure that the training arrangement meets the requirements for a SAT.  Key elements include the impact on the student’s timetable and for Catholic schools, the continued use of the ETES form as a school-based system that registers the agreement of all parties to the SAT.

In line with other grant programs, payments will no longer be made to schools but instead provided to School Authorities with the payment advice to clearly show the school and student for which the funding has been provided.  Schools that are members of work placement clusters (e.g. SCIPS) will need to ensure payments are forwarded to the cluster.

Travel and Accommodation Allowance

Send completed forms to Vera Zappala at

Financial Subsidy for Students with Special Needs (Access and Equity)

Send completed forms to Vera Zappala at

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Information