Queensland Government Programs 2017

Further information on Grants and Allowances is available at the Queensland Government, Department of Education and Training website.

Program Purpose
Capital Assistance SchemeTo provide funding assistance to non-government schools for the provision, conversion, refurbishment and upgrade of educational facilities and boarding accommodation.
Education Support Funding for Children in CareTo contribute to positive education experiences for Children and Young People in Care of the State.
External Infrastructure Subsidy SchemeTo provide funding assistance (up to 50% of the eligible cost) to non-government schools for infrastructure costs external to the site imposed by local authorities as a condition of a building approval.
Queensland Kindergarten Funding SchemeTo provide funding for kindergarten service providers for students who are at least 4 years old by 30 June.
Living Away from Home AllowanceTo assist families to offset schools' tuition fees for boarders.
Non State School Transport Assistance SchemeTo provide travel assistance to eligible applicants to subsidise the cost of transporting their children to non-State schools.
Special Needs OrganisationTo assist approved non-state organisations provide education services for students with special needs by supplementing recurrent operating costs associated in developing suitable programs and activities.
Special Needs Students RecurrentTo assist schools with recurrent operating costs associated with the programs/activities developed to meet the needs of identified special needs students.
State Recurrent Per Capita GrantTo assist schools with recurrent operating costs.
Textbook and Resource AllowanceTo assist parents of secondary school age students to offset the cost of textbooks and other learning resources.
Youth Support Coordinators InitiativeTo support retention and attainment of students in years 10-12. The target group will be students at risk and disengaging from school.
National School Chaplaincy ProgramTo support the provision of chaplaincy/student welfare service in schools.
Alcohol Education ProgramTo promote responsible alcohol use.
Vocational Education & Training (VET) in SchoolsTo set out operational targets and activities in addressing industry needs, skill shortages and managing the implementation of the new VETiS Funding framework.