Reporting timetable

There are a number of data collections that occur each year, some of them are government collections, others are to fulfil requirements that meet funding accountabilities or to provide statistical analysis for annual reporting on Catholic schools.

This facility is intended to help authorities with their planning.

Access the 2017 Reporting Timetable Calendar


Procedure for the Accreditation and Funding of Non-State Schools

Application forms and information booklets can be obtained from the following websites:-

To apply for Australian Government funding for new schools, an Approved Authority Application (AAA) form will need to be completed by QCEC at the beginning of each year. Please click here for a copy of the AAA form. Schooling authorities are required to complete Parts B, C and E and email the completed form to QCEC at DataCollections@qcec.catholic.edu.au.

Please contact Cyrus Li on (07) 3316 5833 if you require any assistance.