July to September


Safety in Schools Collection

The Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET) requires each school to complete a Safety in Schools Statement under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.

Completed statements are to be returned to QCEC at: datacollections@qcec.catholic.edu.au

Data collection tool: Safety in Schools 2017 template

Due Date: 14 July 2017

Education Support Funding Program (ESFP) Annual Report and Acquittal

This data collection identifies students living in Out Of Home Care (OOHC) – Students must have a completed Education Support Plan as at 30 June 2017.

The data collected will inform the 2017/2018 allocation of Education Support Funding and the Financial Acquittal for 2016/2017.

ESFP funding is paid to Catholic school authorities in August and February based on the data provided annually in July. Please refer to Circular 2017/095 for more information.

Collection templates (available in June 2017) can be downloaded from the QCEC member site.

Due Date: 14 July 2017


Student Attendance Data Online (Part One)

This data collection provides student attendance information and must be completed by schools, campuses, or systems/dioceses on behalf of their schools, and will cover the first half of the 2017 school year.

Please note that from 2015, schools are required to report student attendance data twice a year (August for Semester 1 and October for Term 3) and the proportion of students attending school for 90% or more of the time. Please refer to Circular 2017/053 for more information.

The Student Attendance System (STATS) has been developed specifically to assist non-government schools to provide student attendance information. STATS enables individual schools – or their systems/dioceses – to provide the information in the following ways:

  • by entering information using online screens, or
  • by uploading student attendance data files

In accordance with the Schools Assistance Act 2008, individual school Funding Agreements covering both government and non‐government sectors are required to provide information in relation to student attendance. Since 2009, as part of this reporting obligation, each school’s attendance rate is to be published by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), as well as there being aggregate level reporting by ACARA and the Council of Australian Governments.

Once your 2017 student attendance data is correctly submitted using, schools will be deemed to have met their obligations about reporting this year’s school attendance data.

The STATS website can be accessed via the School Entry Point (SEP).

Due Date: 2 August 2017

2017 Census on the Internet of Non-Government schools (Federal Census)

This annual collection of student and staff numbers is completed via the Schools Entry Point (SEP).

Where a school considers that a student’s attendance on the Census day was not typical of their regular pattern of attendance during the school year, the school may apply for a determination of special circumstances in respect of each affected student.

Students for whom the school is seeking approval of special circumstances must be excluded completely from the Census data until such time as approval is granted by the Minister’s delegate.

Students who are expected to repeat Year 1 minus 1 (i.e. Prep) must be excluded from the Census count as these students are not eligible for Government funding (see the Census help document).

Census date: Friday 4 August 2017
Statutory Declaration due date: Friday 11 August 2017
Supporting documentation for each special circumstance student must be provided to the Commonwealth Department by Friday 18 August 2017

Religion of Teachers in Schools

QCEC data collection: Religion of teachers 2017 template

This collection is undertaken to inform NCEC about the religion of teachers for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Please collect and report the relevant information as at Friday 4 August 2017 (the Census day). This will ensure student and teacher numbers reported in this collection match the 2017 Australian Government Census data.

Due Date: 18 August 2017

Religion of Students in Schools

QCEC data collection: Religion of students 2017 template

This collection is undertaken to inform the NCEC of the religion of students for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Please collect and report the relevant information as at Friday 4 August 2017 (the Census day). This will ensure student and teacher numbers reported in this collection match the 2017 Australian Government Census data.

Due Date: 18 August 2017

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for Students with Disabilities (NCCD SWD)

Data on school students with disabilities will be collected for all schools by the Commonwealth Government on behalf of SCSEEC. Data collection date is 4 August 2017 (the Census Day). All Catholic schools in Queensland are required to participate in this data collection exercise.

Data collection tool: NCCD Template 2017

Due date: 3 September 2017


Certifying Compliance Certificate 2016 School year

School Authorities are required to submit to QCEC on behalf of their schools a compliance certificate for the 2016 school year confirming that each school:

  1. if selected, took part in national sample assessments,
  2. Holds required information on student background characteristics,
  3. provided parents or carers plain language student reports, and
  4. has published a school annual report the required information about the school for 2016.

Details can be found regarding the Student Background Characteristics on the ACARA web site see Data Standards Manual: Student Background Characteristics (October 2012) at http://www.acara.edu.au/verve/_resources/DSM_1.pdf

Data collection tool: Compliance Certificate 2017

Due Date: 1 September 2017

Teacher Capability (formerly Great Teachers = Great Results) 2016 Report

Catholic school authorities develop initial implementation plans summarising the planned projects for the 2017 year which the school/authority believes, in the context of its operations and capacity, delivers on the objectives of the Teacher Capability initiative. The outcomes from these projects are reported on this template.

Data collection tool:  Report template was emailed to Teacher Capability Coordinators on 3 August 2017

Due Date: 8 September 2017

ACARA Student Background data collection

Student Background Data is collected annually by ACARA to enable the recalculation of ICSEA scores. The data collected will also inform the calculation of Low SES Loading and Low English Proficiency Loading of Commonwealth Recurrent Grant.

As in previous years, ACARA will liaise directly with Diocesan School Authorities. RI and PJP schools will be contacted by the Secretariat and be provided with further information about this collection in August.

ACARA Privacy Notice

Due Dates:

7 September 2017 for RI and PJP Schools

28 September 2017 for Diocesan School Authorities

Kindergarten Student Collection

Validation enrolments for semester 2, term 3 is to be entered into the QCEC Kindergarten data collection instrument. This information is required to validate enrolment data for reconciliation purposes.

Data collection tool: 2017 Kindergarten data entry Sem 2 term 3

Due Date: 20 September 2017

Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) Performance Reporting

Delegated Catholic agencies are required to complete a quarterly Performance Report which asks for issues/trends impacting on their organisation and kindergarten services.

Data collection tool: QKFS Performance Reporting Template Q3 2017

Due date: 20 September 2017

Queensland Annual Schools Reporting

Schools are required to publish their school annual report on the school website, and in at least one other format (e.g. hard copy, newsletter, handbook, noticeboard or sign), which the school can choose.
Refer to the NSSAB website for information.

Due Date: 30 June 2017 for the School Report
Due Date: 29 September 2017 for post year 12 destinations