October to December


Student Attendance Data Online (Part Two) – Term 3, 2017

This collection of student attendance information must be completed by schools or systems/dioceses on behalf of their schools covering Term 3 of the 2017 school year.

Please note that from 2015, schools are required to report student attendance data twice a year (August for Semester 1 and October for Term 3) and the proportion of students attending school for 90% or more of the time. Please refer to Circular 2017/053 for more information.

The Student Attendance System (STATS) has been developed specifically to assist non-government schools to provide student attendance information. STATS enables individual schools – or their systems/dioceses – to provide the information in the following ways:

  • by entering information using online screens, or
  • by uploading student attendance data files

In accordance with the Australian Education Act 2013, both government and non‐government sectors are required to provide information in relation to student attendance. Since 2009, , each school’s attendance rate has been published by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), as well as there being aggregate level reporting by ACARA and the Council of Australian Governments.

Once your 2017 student attendance data is correctly submitted using STATS, your schools will be deemed to have met their obligations with regard to reporting this year’s school attendance data.

The STATS website can be accessed via the School Entry Point (SEP).

Due Date: 20 October 2017



VET in Schools: Financial Acquittal

QCEC data collection – information to be provided for financial acquittal of VET in Schools funding.

Data Collection: The template will be available for download on the QCEC Member Site under Data Collections by the end of September.

Due Date: 17 November 2017

VET in Schools: Strategies & Outcomes

QCEC data collection – information to be provided for reporting strategies and outcomes for the VET in Schools program.

Note: VET Coordinators in Schooling Authorities will be contacted directly with the related information and reporting template.

Due Date: 17 November 2017

Work Experience and Structured Work Placement data collection

QCEC data collection – information is required to be provided on student data in years 9-12 for assurance purposes, including:

  • total number of students who participated in structured work placements
  • total number of hours spent by students on structured work placement
  • total number of students who participated in work experience
  • total number of days spent by students on work experience

Note: VET Coordinators in Schooling Authorities will be contacted directly with the related information and reporting template.

Due Date: 17 November 2017

Students First Support Fund (SFSF)

Progress report for the year ending 31 December 2017

Please refer to QCEC Circular 2017/147 for more information.

The template can be downloaded from the QCEC Member Site under Data Collections.

Due Date: 24 November 2017



Kindergarten Enrolment Collection

Information on kindergarten enrolments for Semester 2, Term 4 2017 and the forecast enrolments for Semester 1, 2018, to be entered into the QCEC Kindergarten data collection instrument. This information is required to facilitate release of funding to QCEC in its capacity as the Central Governing Body (CGB).

Data Collection: 2017 Kindergarten data entry Sem 2 Term 4

Due Date: 6 December 2017

Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) Performance Reporting

Delegated Catholic agencies are required to complete a quarterly Performance Report which asks for issues/trends impacting on their organisation and kindergarten services.

Data Collection: 

Due date: 6 December 2017

State Students with Disabilities (SWD) Accountability

State government Student with Disabilities (SWD) collection. Grant recipients are required to provide a report on the following:

  • school level expenditure of State SWD funds and
  • educational outcomes achieved

Data Collection: State SWD Education Accountability and Acquittal

Due Date: 8 December 2017

2018 School Directory

Authorities are requested to review the existing school details in the 2017 School Directory.

Data Collections: A new tool is being developed by the QCEC Secretariat. Therefore, the due date for this collection has been changed to 26 January 2018. Please check the reporting timetable for January 2018 for more information.  

Due date: 26 January 2018