January to March


2018 School Directory

School Authorities are required to review the existing and add new school details in the proposed 2018 School Directory and submit change request as appropriate.

Data Collection: Adding of New School

School Directory Detail 2018

Due Date: 26 January 2018


State Students with Disabilities (SWD) Accountability

School Authorities that did not complete the 2017 State SWD Education Accountability in December 2017 are required to provide a complete the report before the end of January to fulfil accountability requirements with the Queensland Department of Education and Training for the Students with Disability Program for Non-State Schools.

Data Collection: Blank Form (If you have submitted the form prior but want to modify or add content, please contact datacollections@qcec.catholic.edu.au to get the link to access the submitted form)

Due Date: 31 January 2018



2018 Initial Enrolments

2018 QCEC Online Data Collection

Report from each Catholic School Authority on enrolments for each year level as at day 8 of the school year (Friday 2 February 2018). This is to allow QCEC to respond to the National Catholic Education Commission and the media on preliminary enrolments for 2018.

Due Date: 2 February 2018


Student Background Data

Data collection process for the National Assessment Program – Literacy & Numeracy (NAPLAN) testing of students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The key dates for collection of the data (subject to verification from Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) are:

1 February 2018 – collection website will open for receipt of data

13 February 2018 – Catholic Diocesan schools will be able to access the webpage to edit their data

28 February 2018 – the website will close for the provision of all data

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) NAPLAN Portal

QCAA NAPLAN Portal – User Manual


Application for New Schools/Schools Undertaking Changes to Operation

Department of Education and Training data collection: Catholic School Authorities must complete an application form for new schools or schools undertaking changes to their operation (e.g. a new level of schooling where a primary school adds secondary year levels). Details are available on the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (NASSAB) and Department of Education and Training website.

Please complete Parts B, C and E (the second and third declaration) in the application form.

All applications must be accompanied by the NSSAB accreditation documentation.

All completed forms are to be sent to QCEC (not Commonwealth Department of Education and Training). Please note: the cut-off date to submit the DET forms for separations or amalgamations is 1st July 2018. Separations and amalgamations can only be approved for Australian Government funding from the commencement of the following year.

Due Date: 23 February 2018



Queensland Government Census on Students

Queensland Government data collection: The Queensland Government census day is Friday 23 February 2018 and is conducted by the Office of the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board.

Due Date: 2 March 2018


State Students with Disabilities (SWD) Program Financial Accountability

Grant recipients are required to provide a report on school level expenditure of State SWD funds.

Completed acquittal forms to be:

Please log onto the QCEC Member Site and navigate to the Data Collections menu to download the 2017 SWD program financial acquittal collection instrument.

Template will be available by the end of January 2018.

Due Date: 9 March 2018


 Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) 2018: Pre-Population

Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is a 3-yearly nationwide data collection of early childhood development at the time children commence their first year of full-time school. All schools with Prep Year offered must participate in this survey.

Template will be provided in early Feb to start loading in the demographic and background information about the students.

Due Date: 23 March 2018


Youth Support Initiative (YSI) Financial Report

Under the funding agreement, Catholic School Authorities are required to provide details of how the allocated funds were used for the reporting period 1st January 2017 to 31 December 2017. This information will be included in the financial report to be submitted to the Queensland Department of Education and Training.

Note: Only Diocesan offices and Edmund Rice Education Australia are required to complete this exercise.

Please log onto the QCEC Member Site and navigate to the Data Collections menu to access the YSI data collection instrument.

Template will be available by the end of January 2018.

Due Date: 23 March 2018


Applications for Capital Grants (Part A)

QCEC data collection: For General Capital (State and Australian Government) (Part A) requests for funding; see QCEC Circular 2017/155 of 26 September 2017 for relevant details.

Due Date: 30 March 2018


Kindergarten Enrolment Collection

Validation of kindergarten enrolment data for Semester 1, Term 1- 2018 is to be entered in the data collection instrument.

Due Date: 4 April 2018


Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) Performance Reporting – Q1

Delegated Catholic agencies are required to complete a quarterly Performance Report which asks for issues/trends impacting on their organisation and kindergarten services.

QKFS Performance Reporting template.

Due Date: 4 April 2018


QCEC Financial Accountability for Government funded programs

QCEC data collection: QCEC provides to each payee a statement of government funds paid to that payee in the preceding year. The statements are to be signed by the authorised officer and the auditor responsible for signing off on the payee’s financial statements. The statements will be issued by 9 February 2018.

Due Date: 20 April 2018


Financial Questionnaire (FQ) – Provision of Data to QCEC

The annual Australian Government Financial Questionnaire (FQ) for the collection of 2017 data from Non-Government schools and Systems will be available from March 2018.

Catholic school authorities are required to enter the FQ data in the QCEC FA and FQ template. This information will be uploaded to the School Entry Point portal in bulk by QCEC.

The QCEC FA and FQ template will be circulated in March 2017.

Due Date: 18 May 2017


Financial Contribution Assessment for the 2018 Capital Round (Part B)

Financial Contribution Assessment for the 2018 capital round (State and Australian Government) (Part B).

The grant contribution application, financial report documentation and any other information relating to the assessment should be emailed to schoolfunding@qcec.catholic.edu.au.

Due Date: 21 May 2017