Budget commitment to school funding delivers certainty to parents


The Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) has welcomed the Federal Government’s pre-Budget announcement to increase per-student school funding by 3.56 per cent each year from 2018.

The announcement is a retreat from previous plans to link increases in school funding to inflation.

QCEC Executive Director Dr Lee-Anne Perry said the 3.56 per cent increase would ensure the funding of Queensland’s Catholic schools kept pace with increasing costs in the future.

“Queensland Catholic education is pleased that the Government has committed to future funding that reflects the increasing costs of education,” Dr Perry said.

“The Government’s funding announcement is important because it provides certainty to schools and parents beyond 2017.  This should assist to manage the pressures placed on the community to meet increasing school costs in the future.”

“Parents need to understand how investments like school education will be funded. We look forward to further details about this in tonight’s Budget.”

Working with its federal peak body, the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC), QCEC has been a lead advocate for needs-based funding for all schools.

“Both major parties have now outlined positive policies to support Australian schools into the future and QCEC has welcomed this.  Through NCEC, we will be looking more closely at each of these policies in the coming weeks to determine how the needs of all schools are addressed,” Dr Perry said.

Queensland Catholic education would also eagerly await more details on the Government’s proposals for new funding accountability measures beyond 2017.

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