Catholic sector processes for reporting harm or suspicion of harm


Queensland Catholic Education Commission Executive Director Dr Lee-Anne Perry says Catholic schools and authorities take the matter of reporting harm or suspicion of harm to a child extremely seriously.

“Most Catholic schools and authorities currently lodge and follow-up student protection reports directly to police and Child Safety Services by email or fax,” she said.
However, the Catholic sector’s largest school authority, Brisbane Catholic Education, deployed an online reporting system to State Authorities on 30 July this year.

“This system is being closely monitored,” Dr Perry said.

Dr Perry said online reporting systems are supported as an effective means of facilitating student protection reports for schools into the future.

“These systems can provide efficiencies in report management, allowing staff to meet mandatory reporting requirements and focus more on supporting the needs of at-risk students.

“However, it is critical that online reporting systems have stringent monitoring and follow-up processes in place,” she said.


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