QCEC Rejects Union’s Misleading Comparisons with NSW


Queensland Catholic Education Commission Executive Director Dr Lee-Anne Perry says it is misleading to make direct comparisons between salary structures in Queensland Catholic schools and their NSW counterparts.

“In Queensland Catholic schools, the most experienced classroom teachers have access to an Experienced Teacher 6 allowance.

“With the 2.5% pay increase Queensland Catholic employers are offering, these teachers will earn over $93,000 per annum, which is more than experienced teachers in NSW Catholic diocesan schools,” Dr Perry said.

Dr Perry says Queensland Catholic school employers strive to fairly recognise and reward teachers and staff for their work.

“Equally, they must be responsible managers and operate schools effectively in the best interests of students, parents and staff.

“It should also be recognised that State school teachers in Queensland have recently (1 September) received the equivalent of a 2.5% annual increase.

“The 3.25% increase being sought by the Union is clearly out of step with current market conditions.

“Further, the Union claim seeks the same annual leave entitlement for a term time school officer who works for 39 weeks, as for a full time school officer who works for 52 weeks per annum.

“Catholic school employers believe this is not fair or equitable and are complying with the National Employment Standards contained within the Fair Work Act 2009 and the current Agreement when calculating the annual leave entitlement for term time school officers,” Dr Lee-Anne Perry said.

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