Queensland Catholic Sector Calls for Measured Approach to Australian Curriculum Review


Queensland Catholic Education Commission Executive Director Mike Byrne is calling on the reviewers of the Australian Curriculum to be mindful of the financial cost and impact that significant change would have on the workload and morale of teachers.

“We recognise that in some respects the existing curriculum is a work in progress,” Mr Byrne said.

“However, it must be remembered that it has been developed through a comprehensive process of expert input and consultation.

“Teachers have also put an enormous amount of work into implementing the curriculum over the past three years.

“We support a robust, balanced and apolitical curriculum that will effectively prepare young Australians for the future.

“We believe that major changes would be a significant and unnecessary impost on the workload and morale of teachers and precious school resources.

“The Queensland Catholic sector looks forward to participating in the review process, and encourages the Minister and his review panel to adopt a sensible, measured approach to it,” Mike Byrne said.

Queensland’s 296 Catholic schools educate 141,000 or almost 1 in 5 students and employ more than 17,000 teachers and staff.