Union Ignores Settlement Package


Catholic school employers provided a number of enhancements in an effort to settle Enterprise Bargaining negotiations with the Independent Education Union (IEUA) at a meeting held yesterday (10 November).

“Employers approached yesterday’s negotiations prepared to finalise the bargaining process by making significant changes to their position on a number of issues,” Queensland Catholic Education Commission Executive Director Dr Lee-Anne Perry said.

“For their part, the union failed to recognise the significance of these proposed changes, together with the enhancements that had already been agreed in principle.

Dr Perry said key among the enhancements offered is a commitment to a full joint review of the Teacher Classification Structure for implementation during the life of this agreement.

Other significant changes to the employer position are:

  • Enhancement of allowance for Experienced Teacher (ET) 5 classification;
  • Enhanced wage structure and consolidation of non-wage entitlements for Services staff; and
  • Scheduling of preparation and correction time for teachers in Catholic Diocesan schools where previously programmed allocation of time becomes unavailable to the teacher.

Dr Perry said the position adopted by the Union during yesterday’s negotiations was disappointing.

“Along with the employer offer of an annual 2.5% wage increase over three years (back paid to 1 May/1 July), and a guarantee to match any wage increase offered by the State, these positions form a fair and responsible package.

“The Union continues to fail to accept that its demand for a 3.25% wage increase is out of step with current market conditions,” Dr Perry said.

Dr Perry reiterated her view that further work stoppages by members of the Independent Education Union at some Catholic schools planned for next week are unreasonable.

“This action is not justified in response to a bargaining process that continues to make progress and be conducted in good faith. It is not in anybody’s best interests,” Dr Lee-Anne Perry said.

The negotiations will continue with meetings scheduled for next Tuesday 17 November.

Visit www.eb8.qcec.catholic.edu.au for all details about Enterprise Bargaining 8.