QCEC Colloquium 2014: Infusing the Curriculum with Catholic Perspectives


The development and introduction of an Australian Curriculum has prompted much discussion about the best way for Catholic Schools to ensure that Catholic perspectives permeate and are integrated into the explicit curriculum.

In such an era of rapid educational, social and religious change, it is timely that Catholic schooling authorities reflect on how they intentionally base their curriculum on the core beliefs, values and philosophy of the Catholic community.

As there are a variety of ways Catholic schools can respond to this issue, a colloquium was proposed as one way that leaders, scholars and experts can present ideas, share their experience, discuss the topic and exchange opinions. The QCEC 2014 Colloquium consisted of 77 participants who were leaders of curriculum, Indigenous education and Catholic Identity/formation.

The following topics were discussed and links to presentations are given below

  • Furthering the range of current implementation strategies used by Catholic schooling authorities in Queensland.
  • How students, teachers and their parents can understand clearly and attend to the integration of students’ lives with their culture and the Catholic faith in a way that is meaningful to them: led by Therese D’Orsa.
  • What constitutes good practice in teaching from a Catholic perspective: led by Peta Goldburg.
  • The journey Catholic Education in Tasmania has been undertaking to explore how their Catholic schools can best respond to Catholic belief and life, centred on the person of Jesus Christ: led by Trish Hindmarsh
  • Appropriate formation opportunities for all staff members to equip them to exercise their role in the mission of the school community within the framework of Catholic Social Teaching and the principles of participation and the common good: led by Fr Kevin Lenehan
  • Catholic perspectives on Indigenous spirituality: led by Graeme Mundine
  • What needs to be done to support implementation of Catholic perspectives into the taught curriculum: led by Jim Gleeson, David Hutton and Coral Way.

Pre Reading and References
QCEC Colloquium Booklet
Participant Reflections summarised

Session Papers and Presentations

Session 1

Brisbane – Sue Cronan, Catholic Curriculum

Lourdes Hill College – John Clarke, Catholic Curriculum Strategy

Nudgee College – Erin Wedge, Catholic Curriculum

Toowoomba – Brett Rangiira, Catholic Curriculum

Toowoomba – Brett Rangiira, Supplementary Paper 1, A Conceptual Framework for Catholic Education System Leadership

Toowoomba – Brett Rangiira, Supplementary Paper 2, The Diocesan Learning Framework: Foundations for Catholic Education in a Changing World

Session 2

Therese D’Orsa, University of Newcastle and the Broken Bay Institute, Catholic Curriculum: The Human Face(s)

Session 3

Professor Peta Goldburg & Professor Jim Gleeson, What constitutes good practice in teaching from a catholic perspective?

Session 4

Tasmania – Tony Brennan & Dr Drasko Dizdar, Wisdom Capability

Hobart – Dr Trish Hindmarsh, Catholic Curriculum: Distant Dream or Possible Present?

Tasmanian Supplement

Session 5

Rev Dr Kevin Lenehan, Formation of Staff to Support a Catholic Perspective

Session 6

Archdiocese of Sydney – Graeme Mundine, Inculturation, Education and the Catholic Church

Session 7

NCEC – David Hutton, QCEC Curriculum Colloquium