What qualifications do I need to undertake the certification?

Teachers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Teachers must hold current full registration with Queensland College of Teachers (QCT).
  • Teachers must be employed and teaching in a Queensland Catholic school.
  • Teachers must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.
  • Teachers should have at least five years teaching experience.
  • Teachers must be in a genuine teaching role.
  • Teachers must have been assessed as satisfactory in their two most recent annual performance assessments for those applying for Highly Accomplished Teacher.
  • Teacher must have been assessed as satisfactory in their three most recent annual performance assessments for those applying for Lead Teacher.
  • Teachers must not currently be subject to formal performance management processes.
  • Teachers must pay the assessment fees – Stage 1 $850, Stage 2 $650.
  • Teachers must be successful at  Stage 1 of the assessment in order to progress to Stage 2.
  • Teachers must state any conflict of interest with their appointed Assessors to QCEC before assessment commences.

Do I need to become a Highly Accomplished teacher before I can become a Lead Teacher?


I am a HALT Assessor can I apply?

HALT Assessors cannot undertake their own certification while training or deploying as an assessor

I don’t meet all of the eligibility criteria, can I still apply?

No. Teachers must meet all of the eligibility criteria in order to be able to apply for certification.

My school doesn’t undertake annual performance assessments, how can I prove that my performance has been satisfactory over the past two/three years?

As per the guidance at p.10 of the AITSL Guide to the Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in Australia: Annual performance assessments should be based on the essential elements of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework and conducted using school/system processes. They are not required in a specific format. In circumstances where teachers have not received an assessment, the referees will provide verification of past satisfactory performance. 

 For teachers in Queensland Catholic schools who do not have a documented annual performance assessment, verification of past satisfactory performance can occur by their Principal confirming their performance in an email or letter to be submitted along with their Stage 1 portfolio and other accompanying documents.

My Principal won’t support my application, can I still apply?

You can apply for certification without the support of your Principal, but they will be required to act as a referee during the assessment process.

When can I undertake the assessment?

Please refer to the HALT Certification Timeline.

Why do I need to attend a teacher information workshop?

Certification is an intensive process for teachers and requires a substantial commitment to put together a portfolio of evidence. Information workshops are designed to give you a detailed understanding of the certification process and the work that is required to undergo assessment.

How much is the assessment fee?

$850 for Stage 1 and $650 for Stage 2. Fees are payable at the beginning of each Stage. Only those applicants who are successful at Stage 1 will progress to Stage 2.

Why do I have to pay for assessment?

The assessment fee covers some of the costs of using trained assessors.

Will my assessment fee be returned if I am unsuccessful?

No. Assessment fees are paid for assessment not for a result.

If you are unsuccessful at Stage 1, you cannot claim your Stage 1 assessment fee ($850) back and you cannot progress to Stage 2.

If you are successful at Stage 1 you must pay the second stage assessment fee ($650) to progress to Stage 2.

If you are unsuccessful at Stage 2 you cannot claim either your Stage 1 or Stage 2 assessment fees back.

Can my school/employer pay for the assessment?

This is a question for your school/employer.

Can I undertake preparation work for assessment during school time?

This is a question for your school/employer.

Can I use evidence from previous jobs/employers as part of my portfolio of evidence?

Evidence can be from a previous role but it must be from a genuine teaching role within the past five years and verifiable.

What evidence should I provide?

Your must evidence how you meet each of the standards at the career level for which certification is sought (Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher). Each standard must be addressed by at least two pieces of evidence and each of the descriptors at the relevant career stage must be accounted for at least once.

How should I present the evidence?

QCEC is currently working to develop a system for online submission of portfolios of evidence. Currently portfolios can be submitted in hard copy (3 copies required) or electronically via email or data stick.

Who undertakes my assessment?

QCEC assessors are a mix of Queensland Catholic school teachers, Catholic School Authority office-based staff and retired teachers. Each has met and continues to meet the QCEC eligibility to be an assessor and has undertaken rigorous AITSL approved training and is accredited as an assessor by AITSL. QCEC manages the deployment of Assessors*.

*If required, QCEC may choose to appoint Assessors from other jurisdictions.

What if I know the Assessor(s) or have previously worked with them?

You must declare this and any conflicts of interest to QCEC before the assessment begins.

Who provides the equipment for skype meetings with assessors?

It is expected that you will use equipment within your school or if you choose to do so your own equipment.

How many practice/classroom sessions will be assessed in Stage 2?

As least two 30-minute session will be assessed. Your assessor will discuss with you if additional sessions are required to be assessed.

Will Assessors contact my students?

Assessors will not contact students. Assessors may speak to students within the context of observing classroom practice and this will be discussed with you before the observation takes place.

Who should my referees be?

Your Principal will usually be a referee. Others should be those who know your work well and can communicate how you meet the standards.

How many referees should I nominate?

You must nominate 3-5 referees. One must be your current Principal.

Can I nominate referees who I worked with in previous roles?

Yes. One must be your current Principal.

Do I have to nominate referees?

Yes, one must be your current Principal.

How long will the assessment take?

Assessments will usually be completed by the end of the calendar year in which you submitted your portfolio. Stage 1 assessments will be completed by the end of Term 3 and Stage 2 assessments will be undertaken in Term 4.

What happens if I am not successful at Stage 1?

You cannot progress to Stage 2. You will be provided with feedback from Stage 1.

What happens if I am not successful at Stage 1 as a Lead teacher, can I continue but be assessed as a Highly Accomplished teacher?

No, your portfolio can only be assessed against the standards for the career level which is sought.

Can I defer?

Once assessment has begun you may choose to withdraw from the certification process. If you withdraw you may not be able to claim back your assessment fee.

I have passed Stage 1 can I defer taking Stage 2 until the next round?

No. If you choose not to progress to Stage 2 you will need to undertake Stage 1 again should you choose to pursue certification.

How many assessments will be run each year?

QCEC will run one assessment round each calendar year.

 Who is the Certifying Authority?

As at October 2018, the legislative process to appoint QCT as the Certifying Authority for teachers in Queensland Catholic schools had not been completed by the Queensland Government. In the interim, QCEC is working with other Certifying Authorities to ensure that teachers in Queensland Catholic schools can be awarded HALT certification on successful completion of the certification process.

When am I appointed as a Highly Accomplished or Lead teacher?

QCEC does not appoint teachers. You are responsible for informing your school/employer about your certification as a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher.

When does my salary reflect the appointment?

If you inform your school/employer within six months of being certified your salary at the Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher paypoint will be paid from your date of certification. If you inform your employer after this six-month period you will move to the Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher paypoint from the date you informed your employer and provided evidence of your certification.

Can I appeal against a decision and/or ask for a review if I am unsuccessful?

Appeals are a matter for the Certifying Authority.

What happens if I change jobs/sector/employer during the certification process?

This may affect your ability to continue to meet the eligibility criteria to pursue certification.

What will I be expected to do as a Highly Accomplished or Lead teacher?

This is a question for your school/employer.

Will my certification be recognised if I move schools/employers?

Catholic School Authorities in Queensland have agreed to recognise Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher certification and you will need to provide proof of your certification. Non-Catholic schools in Queensland and all schools interstate will have their own arrangements and you should check with them.

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