Pathways abound for Year 12 students

Thousands of Queensland Year 12 students will be focused on their future pathways with the release of Queensland’s first subject and ATAR results under the new QCE system.

Queensland Catholic Education Commission Executive Director Dr Lee-Anne Perry said almost 11,000 students completed Year 12 in Catholic schools this year under unprecedented circumstances.

“We were ready for 2020 to be a momentous year with the first cohort passing through the new QCE system but none of us could have known that we would be experiencing that in the shadow of COVID-19,” she said.

Our Year 12 students have shown great resilience in meeting all of the challenges associated with the pandemic, including lockdown, changes to teaching and learning and the general air of uncertainty that has been with us all.

“This year’s Senior cohort has shown that they can handle change, that they are agile in adapting to new ways of learning and that they can both handle disappointment and create new opportunities.

“Our Seniors have also been wonderfully supported throughout the events of 2020 by their teachers, their families and their school communities.

Dr Perry said the release of QCE results would mean celebrations for many students, recognising all that they have achieved

For some this will be a pleasing ATAR, for others a VET qualification, for others an outstanding subject result – or even all three! 

While some students may be disappointed, it is important to remember there are many pathways to tertiary study, training courses and employment.

For those seeking a university place, an ATAR is just a number that is one factor in gaining a place,” Dr Perry said.

“It doesn’t say anything about what kind of person you are or what you have the potential to achieve.

The experiences of 2020 have shown our Year 12s that sometimes you have to take an alternative pathway to achieve your goals and they should take that learning with them as they consider their QCE results.”

Dr Perry said Catholic schools were enormously proud of their Year 12 students and looked forward to seeing them prosper on whatever pathways they followed next.