Catholic sector welcomes Minister’s return

Queensland’s Catholic education sector has welcomed the re-appointment of Minister Grace Grace to the Education portfolio in the Queensland Cabinet.

Queensland Catholic Education Commission Executive Director Dr Lee-Anne Perry said Catholic schools looked forward to continuing their productive working relationship with Minister Grace.

“We are fortunate in Queensland that we have a long history of all education sectors working cooperatively and we know that will continue under Minister Grace’s leadership,” Dr Perry said.

“We also look forward to Minister Grace delivering on the promises made during the election campaign.”

During the campaign the ALP pledged to provide an additional $180 million over three years for capital projects in non-government schools and to increase funding for parent engagement strategies.

Catholic School Parents Queensland Executive Director Carmel Nash said funding for parent engagement strategies will be increased to $140,000 per year.

“Engaging families in learning provides students with better learning outcomes and this funding will allow us to provide more strategies and resources for schools to use to involve families in their children’s learning,” she said.

Dr Perry said the Catholic sector would pursue several other priority issues with the new government.

“We will be talking to Minister Grace about key issues affecting Catholic school, including recurrent funding and ways we can partner with government to deliver more kindergarten infrastructure.

“We’ll also be discussing the need to strengthen student protection by introducing position of authority offences outlawing relationships between school staff and students over 16.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with Minister Grace and all members of the government,” Dr Perry said.