Catholic schools educate more than 150,000 Queensland students in 307 schools and 35 kindergartens spread right across the state.

In these challenging times there are several issues we need the next Queensland Government to address so that families have the choice of a high quality, faith-based education for their children.

We have asked the major political parties how they would support Catholic Schools in four key areas:

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We have also asked the parties if they will support the introduction of Position of Authority offences in Queensland to enhance student protection. Read about why this issue is important here.

The responses from political parties are outlined below.

2020 Queensland Election - Party Responses to QCEC

IssueALPLNPKAPGreensOne Nation
Recurrent FundingAn ALP government will continue to transition recurrent funding for Catholic schools down from the current 22.45% of the Schooling Resource Standard to 20% as outlined in the Bilateral Agreement with the Australian Government.

Read the full ALP response to issues raised by QCEC here.
The LNP has committed to retain recurrent funding for Catholic schools at the current level of 22.45% of the Schooling Resource Standard over the next four years.

Read the full LNP response to issues raised by QCEC here .
The Katter Party responded with a general statement of policies available here.The Greens recognise the important role of Catholic schools in Queensland’s education sector, and the fact that there are Catholic schools which would receive more funding if the Gonski education reforms were fully implemented.
We firmly believe that the loadings comprising the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) generally correspond with need, in terms of adjusting for disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student representation and low English proficiency.
We would support appropriate funding for any school where these factors are present, taken into account with the school’s size and location, regardless of whether it is a public, Catholic or private school.

For the Greens, properly funding the public education system is a priority that must come before additional commitments for extra funding, beyond what the government has budgeted for the Catholic system This includes SRS funding, funding for capital works, funding for additional infrastructure and funding for new programs.

Read the Greens response in full here.
Yet to be provided
Capital Funding
The ALP has committed $180 million in additional capital funding for the non-government sector over three years. Catholic schools would receive a proportionate share of this funding.
Note QCEC's point on the expansion of the Capital Assistance Supplementary Scheme to $60 million per year, and we appreciate the need for appropriate funding and planning with respect to school infrastructure. We would like to highlight that an LNP Government will re­establish the School Planning Commission with the purpose of streamlining and coordinating processes for the planning of schools in Queensland, drawing on evidence, expertise and consultation with key stakeholders while reducing red tape.
As aboveAs aboveYet to be provided
Kindergarten ConstructionAn ALP government would investigate the possibility of investment in kindergarten infrastructure as part of Queensland Catholic School communities.With respect to QCEC's request for investment in kindergarten infrastructure, we would be happy to meet with the QCEC to discuss opportunities of increased investment in Kindergarten. However, on this point, we also acknowledge that there needs to be a fair balance between supply and demand to ensure early learning centres remain affordable, accessible and of high quality.As aboveAs aboveYet to be provided
Parent Engagement
Committed to increasing funding for parent engagement strategies to $140,000 p.a.Committed to increasing funding for parent engagement strategies to $140,000 p.a.As aboveAs aboveYet to be provided
Position of Authority offences
The ALP committed to ongoing consultation on this issue.We would be pleased to meet with the QCEC to discuss the possibility of introducing a Position of Authority offence as recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. As you would be aware, the LNP has a history of taking a strong stance against child sexual offending. For instance, in Government the LNP introduced mandatory life imprisonment for repeat child sex offenders with a minimum non­parole period of 20 years ('two strikes policy') and we have committed to introducing a public child sex offender if elected.Did not address this issueThe Greens support the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, including those released in its Criminal Justice report in August 2017.
We believe that the Queensland government should ensure the recommendations relating to Position of Authority offences are enshrined in legislation.
Yet to be provided